Have you ever forgotten to put the TV remote on? Of course, you have trouble finding the remote every time you want to watch TV. One solution is to use the Samsung TV remote App. The application allows us to control the TV channel via a smartphone. It's rare for someone to forget to put their smartphone.

The choice of applications is quite large so you can choose the one that provides many features for free. We should always use a reputable TV remote app. Don't be careless in choosing an application because it can have a bad impact on your smartphone and privacy data security.

Samsung TV Remote App

3 Most Common Problems with the Samsung TV Remote Apps and How You Can Fix Them

Smart TVs are an excellent way of streaming content in your home, but they can be a little frustrating to use as well. The most common problems with the Samsung TV remote app are:

  • Connectivity issues
  • Difficult remote app navigation
  • Lack of compatible apps and services

List of Popular Samsung TV Remote App

You can control Samsung TV through a special application. Some applications that you can use to replace the TV remote function are Remote for Samsung TV, SmartThings, etc. Each application is described further below.


1. Remote for Samsung TV

Remote for Samsung TV

The developer who developed this application is APP Agency Labs. The number of downloads has almost reached 200,000 and the application has a rating of 4.3. You don't have to spend any money at all because the app is completely free. But people will only be able to use the app instead of the TV remote when there is the internet.

If the internet network in your home is unstable, then the function of the application will also be disrupted. The appearance of this application is very simple and is very similar to a TV remote. Ordinary people will be able to use the application quickly so there is no need to spend a lot of time learning the application.

2. ControlMeister


The next Samsung TV remote app is ControlMeister. You can actually use this application to control other TV brands because it is universally designed. All users are able to control navigation, menus, apps, channels, and other functions like those on the TV remote. You can download the app through the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

3. TV Remote Samsung TV

TV Remote Samsung TV

We will also discuss an application called TV Remote Samsung TV. The developer of the app is Backlash Entertainment. The number of downloads of the application is more than 173,000. You need to connect the app with the TV via the Allshare settings section. If you find the application is not working properly, you can contact the developer.

You can contact the developer via the email listed in the description on the Google Play Store or App Store. The application is also continuously updated so that it can fix bugs and improve user convenience.

4. Smart Remote Control for Samsung TV

Smart Remote Control for Samsung TV

We will also discuss a fourth application called Smart Remote Control for Samsung TV. The application itself was developed by PHA Inc and already has more than 10,000 application downloads. The app rating on the Google Play Store is quite high, reaching 4.9 out of a maximum of 5. You can use the app for free. You can control the app remotely as long as it's connected to Wifi.

Conclusion on Samsung TV Remote App

TV remote app is a perfect example of how technology is evolving and changing the way we live. The Samsung TV remote app has made it possible for us to control our TV without having to walk up to the TV stand. It has made life easier for us by allowing us to manage our TV from anywhere in the house.

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